Friday, September 12, 2008

Interesting Conversation!


Momma B, 2 year old, whom I will call Boog, and 8 month old, whom I will call Meeeeema, are all in the kitchen, where Momma B is doing yet another horrific sized load of dishes by hand, yes there are still people who do not have a dishwasher roaming the earth in 2008! Anyway, Boog is eating, while she sits, not so thankfully, in the high chair and Meeeeema is in the walker.

The interesting conversation starts out innocently enough...

"Hey Meeeeema, are you mommy's sweetest sweetheart???," when suddenly I feel the prying eyes of 2 year old Boog melting my flesh, so I muster up a "Gee, Boog, are you mommy's big girl?"

Heaven help us, the child that never says "yes" answered me curtly with a "Yes, I mommy's big dorl!"

Oh ok, we are playing nice today! Yippee for mommy! Lets try some more positive affirmations. I am on a roll and I am searching for answers to many of life's important ?s, because she might be the only person in the world who will tell me what I want to hear!

"Do you love mommy?," I ask.

"Yes, I wuv mommy?," she says.

"Do you love Meeeeema?," I ask.

"Yes, I wuv Meeeeema?," she says.

Jack pot! Now I am going in for the kill!

"Are you going to go pee on the potty?," I ask.

"No mom," she says, again rather curtly, bursting my bubble FOREVER!!!!

Oh well, there is always tomorrow, right? Damn, I hope so! My sanity is wearing thin and my patience for changing big kid poop is even more so!

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Cassie said...

It'll come. I promise. Hang in there momma!