Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oscar Winning Performance!

Boog, again, is my 2 year old daughter! She is extremely intelligent, but still a 2 year old at heart!

The Oscar Winning Conversation went as follows:

Boog, who pooped?

I oh know!

Boog, who pooped?

Not me!

Boog, who pooped? Who pooped their pants?

I oh know!

Did you poop your pants?


Well, who did?

Bake (Blake) did!

Wait a minute! Blake pooped his pants, or Blake pooped your pants?

Bake pooped my pants!

Now, I am just about to bust, so I must end this conversation quickly!!! It is time to exit stage right, for sure! One last attempt at making sense of all of this... So, Boog, who pooped their pants?

I oh know!

Enough already! I give in! I don't care who did it and I am really uncertain, at this point, as to which one of us is a complete and utter lunatic! So, I recognize failure, yet again, and ready myself for YET ANOTHER big kid poopy diaper, which I might add is going to make the paint peel if I don't get off of here and get to changing it!

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Marcia said...

Very funny! Two-year-olds are so fun.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Reading your profile there on the side - my mom is sick and though we still have her, her illness is terminal. I'm sorry that your mom has passed away, but how nice that you got to be with her so much.