Monday, September 29, 2008

Kids For Sale!

Kids for sale! Kids for sale!

I got a whole bunch of damned rotten kids for sale!

I'm tired of hearin' 'em argue!

I'm tired of hearin' 'em fight!

I'm also tired of 'em not sleepin' at night!

I'm tired of 'em peein' on the floor!

I'm tired of 'em hittin' each other!

I'm tired of 'em whinin' nonstop!

I'm just plain tired, so that leads me back to...

Kids for sale! Kids for sale!

I got some damned old rotten kids for sale!

I don't suppose there are any takers today???

I could really use a break!

Atleast yell at me and let me know you are all having a great day!!!


life with my three boys said...

you know that I will take a couple, but I get to pick and all sales are final!!! No returns!!! and yes I am having a great day, thanks for asking. miss ya tons!!

Marcia said...

Did you write that? Funny! I shipped all of my kids away for at least the morning (the little one) if not the whole day (the older three) courtesy of the local school district. Weeeee!!!

Momma B said...

Sadly, Marcia, I did write it. I just get so irritated some times and the scariest things pop into my head and then straight out of my mouth!!! I think I can't wait until they are all in school, but I think that will be worse! Damn, to think I could be left with my thoughts, ALONE WITH MY OWN THOUGHTS, no thanks!

Marcia said...

Laughing!!! Alone with your thoughts. That can be daunting, indeed. I tend to put on my DVDs that I can't watch while the girls are home and fold laundry until I think I might pass out if I smell even one more dryer sheet.

I liked what you wrote. What does that say about me? I could totally relate LOL!

Momma B said...

As for you TINA(!), there will be no selecting! If I get to give them away, I get to call the shots! What good would it do to let you pick??? Goober!!!

3DNP said...

I am not picky.....but a girl or girls would be nice!! But hey even the boys would be great...keep my boys occupied...until they start acting like brothers and hitting and punching and and and.....Would love to give you a break...any time! Mamma would love to help too! We need to do supper again and let all the kiddlens play!!