Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paci, oh paci!

This little diddy is intended to be hummed to the tune from Frère Jacques. Do you rememer than one? (Damn, I had to search online just to figure out exactly how it was to be spelled!)

We lost paci, We lost paci,

What are we gonna do, What are we gonna do,

Poke my f 'ing eyes out, Poke my f 'ing eyes out,

How about you, How about you???

This has been a joyous morning, no doubt! I wake to the squeals of my adorable 8 month old who is pulling my hair and putting her fingers in my mouth and then trying to separate my jaw! I looooove it! So, at 6:20, rather than 6:45, I grouchily crawl out of bed and take said baby to her dad, who has for whatever reason decided not to go in to work until 7 (whatever reason happens to be that the Cowboys played Monday night football last night and he did not go to bed until after 11, which means NEITHER DID I!!!). Anyway, I gather things for my shower and hers, while my 2 year old sleeps peacefully, right? Oh ok, whatever! She did not go to bed 'til after 11 either and now thinks it is happy fun time! Like HELL, little lady! Go to S L E E P, I say and quickly exit the room as she starts to blubber!

I can make this early morning shit work, if I can just get my Chai tea made and sit in the chair for 2 seconds to enjoy it. Strategy almost complete, until it happens! Meeeeema starts to flip out, because, as she sees it, I am taking precious lap time from her by sitting alone! So, I pick her up and much to my chagrin see that we are missing a crucial piece of my sanity! PACI!!! Paci, oh paci, where for art thou, Paci? I can simply not go on without out you dear Paci! What have I done so wrong to deserve even an hour without you? Never mind the baby who reluctantly enjoys the supple silicone that you posess! I enjoy every minute knowing that you are available, because I know it is you and only you who will gain me 5 minutes of peace! Oh, I will never quite be the same, if I can not find you, my dearest Paci!

Well, the bullshit did not work, because I was not able to coax that damned pacifier out of wherever it has been hiding! Not that I blame it! The kid has a tooth now and I have been talking her into sharpening it on the paci and not me! So, for now, my search has ended! I don't know where or when we will pick up! Probably somewhere just after the next crying jag or fit throwing episode! For now, I am contented to rock her in the computer chair and hope for the best!

Good day!

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