Friday, November 14, 2008

8 things

8 TV shows I watch (mostly on hulu or dvd):

I do not watch much tv, so this is beyond me. I guess we could use old favorites for the sake of playing the game.

1. Tom and Jerry
2. Roseanne
3. Fresh Prince (goofy, huh?)
4. The Flintstones
5. The Jetsons
6. The Smurfs
7. Little House on the Prairie
8. The Cosby Show

8 of My Favorite Restaurants (we don’t eat out much, close to never):

1. Subway-carry out
2. Pizza Hut-carry out
3. Monical's Pizza-carry out
4. Fazoli's-before groceries with the girls (never happens any more)
5. Cheddar's (never happens any more either!)

8 Things that happened Yesterday

1. dishes
2. made a really neat necklace!
3. laundry
4. walked with my sister
5. took g-ma to an appt.
6. swept floors
7. went to grocery store
8. finished my book

8 Things I am looking forward to:

1. Meeeeema being big enough to be done nursing!
2. Watching some goofy fight with my friends tomorrow!
3. Time with family!
4. My siblings reactions to the gifts I am creating for them for Christmas!
5. Getting my Sunday school kids through the hand sewing of the pillows we are creating for their loved ones! We started two weeks ago and are slowly but surely making head way!
6. Feeling the accomplishment of finally getting a scarf to turn out the way it should, rather than being bound up sooooo tightly!
7. Getting Boog fully potty trained.
8. Seeing my family grow into adulthood, something my mother never got to experience.

8 things on my wishlist:

1. Marcia, much like you would like a cure for systemic sclerosis, I would like to see the cure for cancer, so that I don't ever have to lose anyone else in the same manner.
2. All projects around my house to be complete!
3. guiltless chocolate
4. people to realize what they have before they lose it
5. the kids to love each other visibly and not just in theory!
6. peace of mind
7. a few less worries (same thing as 6? I don't know? Maybe!)
8. vacation to ANYWHERE with my family! and enough extra hands to help us all enjoy it!

8 Things I love:

1. My children, all 032984023984 of them!
2. My husband, yep, I am admitting to it just this once!
3. My siblings
4. My grandma!
5. having a many good friends who will allow my crazy to invade their lives!
6. vanilla chai
7. spiced chai
8. pumpkin spiced chai

8 things I can't stand:

1. lying
2. bickering
4. redoing the same thing over and over each day! Why can't the dishes just stay done?!?
5. doing the budget!
6. allergies and sinus problems!
7. not being able to help someone who is sad
8. feeling like there is never enough time!

8 People I am tagging:

You be the judge of this...

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Marcia said...

Oooo I'm mentally adding guiltless chocolate to my wish list and dog hair to the "bane of my existence" list.