Monday, November 10, 2008

To Be, Or Not To Be!?!

So, do I keep my hair free house, or let this little bundle of joy and hair all mixed together forever invade my heart and space? That truly is the question!

My son came home yesterday and said something about the fact that I mentioned getting a puppy for Stafa, our aging Rott, to train, so that we would a new dog trained by our current good friend. He knew he had a good in with that angle and some kid a few blocks away had told them that they were going to take this puppy to the pound. She was kept outside and was getting in trouble for barking all the time. I am guessing that neighbors were tired of it, because I can't imagine why else someone would get rid of her. I told him to go ask if he could bring her home for us to take a look at. We could have gone down to the house, but there are way more of us and only one dog, so it was the best way I could think of for almost all of us to get a look at her at one time.

A smiling Z brought the stinky, but very sweet-faced dog home just a short while later. We decided that we could just not afford to keep her and probably would not want to live with all the hair in the house, as we have done so often before, and then, S, my husband, decided that we should give it a try, so he had to hunt a crushed and broken Z down and tell him that we had changed our minds! Everything after that has been a blur! Z gave her a much needed and very disasterous bath and brought her out to meet everyone formally. She peed in the floor a few times, which drives me crazy! Z and I ran to Wal-Mart for a few necessary dog supplies. After that, she nestled into bed with some of the kids and watched TV and then proceeded to sleep with them all night long! Oh, have I not mentioned that I have chicken kids who all pile into one double bed and sleep together? 3 of them sleep in that bed every night! Now 4, I guess.

Dog hair in Meeeeema's mouth and butt crack are my biggest concern, not to mention in anything that we might make from here til forever! I can't stand hair, but I think that a true companion for all of our kids for years to come might be worth more than my stressing over dog hair, don't you?


3DNP said...

How Sweet! She looks like our Dee dog! Is she a pure lab? They are the bestest family dog!!

Momma B said...

I don't know if she is pure lab, but she sure looks like it! She sure is pretty!!! And, pretty good at the potty training thus far. I just put her out whenever I see her sniffing around. We'll see how it goes when the kids are here tomorrow and it becomes their responsiblity. When it was up to them yesterday, she peed in MY HOUSE two times! UGH! I don't love her yet, so she can not get by with that crap!

Marcia said...

Good luck with that! Dog hair. Ugh. Living with that one now. Bleh.

life with my three boys said...

omg!! she is beautifuuuulllll!!!!! too bad, ur stuck with the dog hair...she looks JUST like OZ did at that age..brought tears to both our eyes from this pic-for real...the best four legged addition to your family...(ps if ever giving away please consult us) your kids are lucky, and the sacrifice of a few hairs here and there is nothing compared to the loyalty and love you all will me

Momma B said...

She is such a good girl that she has not peed in the house since I took over potty patrol! Yesterday Zakk had her out most of the day playing and walking, but still. She is in one bedroom with a gate keeping her there, so she is being expansive kennel trained. It is much better than a kennel, because she is laying on the kid's bed, but it is pretty easy for me to monitor her sniffing patterns from there, so it works!

And, yes, I think she will be a very loyal friend for the kids and Momma B.