Monday, November 24, 2008

sick to death!

Well, I started my day off well. Ha! I woke up at 5 freakin' 30 and knew that going back to sleep would be impossible, so I just got out of bed and made my way to the chai tea. Yep, I said chai tea! It is essential! I would not have a good morning without my one vice!


I got the kids up and they started getting ready for school. I guess I should mention that last week on Monday Z was sick with stomach flu or something. I did not mention it, because I believe he gets psychological flu! You have to know him to understand. It is like, I don't want to take the test flu. Or, I made the teacher mad on Friday flu. Stuff like that! And, on Tuesday, N, was sick with pink eyes, but not pink eye! I kept him home, because his eyes were not white and I knew the school would have a stroke if I tried to send him. Anyway, he went to the dr. Before we got out of there, Boog was diagnosed with a double ear infection and N was given a clean bill of health! Ha! Yep, totally sucks to be most days! Yet another reason for the chai tea! Did I mention that I have been crocheting and have done very little cleaning today? Did I mention that the dishes are taunting me and I have to sweep and put laundry away, along with needing to wash and dry another 2 loads before everyone else gets home in roughly 20 minutes?

Ok, back on track...

We left off at getting the kids ready for school...

I should have known something was wrong, because Ponch, otherwise known as A, was not her usual perky self. Anyway, I also noticed that B had pink eyes. I knew that he probably got that from N, but the school would not be pleased if I sent him with out the dr.'s approval, so I called the school to report his absence. As I am hanging up the phone, I hear water running in Ponch's bedroom. That makes no sense, since there is no running water in her room, so I look in and see her throwing up water! UGH! She was less than pleased!

I made appts. for both of them, so the dr. could tell me that nothing was wrong with either one of them and we could go on about our business. WRONG! A, Ponch, has walking pneumonia! B, however, is clear!

What I hope to learn from this is what the hell is going on with my kids? None of them have seemed overly sick! A has had a cough for a week or so. No big deal. A cold can last a while. I really thought that was true. The coughing so hard this morning made me think otherwise and the puking made me think of my freshman year when I had walking pneumonia, but I did not expect that to be her diagnosis! I feel like a JERK for always thinking the ones who seem fine are fine and the ones I think are sick are never sick! WHATEVER!!!

Have a FABULOUS DAY! And, keep your kids away from my world! They don't deserve it!!! Noone deserves to be sick like this!


Marcia said...

Aw poor Ponch. I've never had that before, but it can't be very fun. Yes, I can see why you'd need to stock up on chai!

Snot Head said...

Maybe there is a way to explain to them that they should tell you if they are really feeling sick without making stories up when they aren't sick. I don't know! lol Maybe A just assumed her cough was normal since most of the other kids have had it. I don't think you are a jerk. You have taken each of them to the doctor except Z and Meema in the past week, so it's not like you are skirting your Mom duties. :) Hope the kids feel better soon. You're right, they don't deserve to be sick!

3DNP said...

Well poor Dalton has been fighting a cold for about 2 weeks. I have been treating him with over the counter stuff but its not working either. I even used the salin in the nose trick...he is stuffed up, coughing and yesterday coughing up colors that are sooo gross! So we are going to the doctor at 3:15 because he doesnt want to miss a day of school. He has not ran a fever so I figure the doctor will say "its just a virus" which I have heard so many times over the years....but knock on flu yet. Good luck and hope you all get better!!!