Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I got an email from a friend expressing her inherent joy, because I had not complained about being pooped on as much as I did the day before, or something like that anyway and I am sharing my response, to her, with you, because I am making myself laugh by simply recounting my experience from a few days ago.

Hey, now that you mention it, I did not get pooped up to anywhere yesteday. Although, she pooped a lot! And, since we weren't soaking any baby clothes in the oversized pink bowl, my husband haaaaad to bump A's arm and she haaaaad to spill Power Ade all over her clothes. God forbid that bowl be empty for even one day! That might feel like too much of any accomplishment for me!

Did I tell you that the day before Boog pooped in her shower ring? Yes, she is two and still uses it. She is so tiny that she slides around and freaks out, because she is scared, so it works. Anyway, I run shower water for her and put Meeeeema in her little tub and then they "take a bath" together. That works fine. Fine until someone poops in the tub! Someone happens to be Boog and the poop happened to be green and blue again??? Who knows! I swear she has been eating Play-Doh! What other explanation is there? Honestly? UGH! I had answered the phone and them put them in the shower and was trying to talk and wash Meeeeema's hair, since she is not under the running water, when I saw the bright blue and green poop peaking out of her ring! OMG, I thought I would surely die! How gross is this, really!?!? I shut the shower off. I picked the poop up with soggy toilet paper. I got off the phone and then I let her have it! "DON'T EVER POOP IN THE SHOWER!" She did not seem shaken at all. She just responded, "Poop potty!"

"Gee, great, you get it, so why the hell don't you do it?"

I am not sure that I can potty train another one! Meeeeema will be 10 wearing the biggest pull-ups I can find, which I reverted to with Boog, because if she has underwear on, I can't let her wear pants. For some reason, she thinks it is ok to pee in her underwear if she has pants on, but not if I leave her pants off. Well, guess what? It is cold in here, so she wants pants. Without the pants, her lips turn purple. NO JOKE! So, I put her in pull-ups and tell her they are underwear, which is extremely confusing when I want her to throw the wet ones away! And then she can wear her pants and have red lips. I think it is win-win for everyone!

Where was the "Potty Training For Dummies" when I needed it most? Or maybe, I need it now?

What day is it?


3DNP said...

The pain that they are going through cant even be explained. To the parent (mom) who lived there, I have known her since I was little. My mom and her mom worked together for 18 years and I can remember when M was born. To lose a child and then to lose your only child, I just want to scream for her, WHY!!! To the parents of the child who was allowed to spend the night...I cant imagine the guilt they feel, if they wouldnt have let her go. I know how you are feeling about letting Z spend the night soon as I heard about that that is what popped into my thoughts. My boys were at a friends house yesterday because of no school and Big D took the day off but had to be a trucker (he loves it) so I am thinking should i go get them. I would feel better if they were sitting in my office where I could see them and protect them. I think I am nuts!! We are going away this weekend and my mom has offered to keep the boys BUT she will go visit my dad in Danville at the VA and what if they had an accident. Oh when Mid D was going to Carol's in Sibley I used to get so mad when I would go to the store in GC and find out that they had seen Mid D with Carol and she didnt ask me first. I told her one time that if anything ever happened to my son that I would never forgive her because she was the one driving and I would just want to die myself because I could have stopped it, so I thought. I guess the doctor thought I needed some help (happy pills) but they Still cant take away the pain. Being a mother we want to protect our kids no matter what the cost. For the parents to be there and cant get to the kids I cant even imagine how bad they feel...reliving that moment over and over again...what if I would have done this or tried that..even if they did all they could do you still have those thoughts. Please know I am here for ya if you ever need to talk about it!! Dont hold it all have alot of friends and family that care about ya!!

Marcia said...

My youngest always had the most interesting colors of poop. I think she ate a lot of crayons. My mom says my oldest sister used to color hers by eating chalk.