Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ahem, Attention Please!

Ok, I have a complaint and I want to make sure the world can hear it! I would like to know why every little business, who already sweats under the pressure of all that goes on in this great nation, is struggling even more now? There has been much debate about how to create an uphill slide to counter act the downhill slide we have been feeling for the last year or longer. But, noone said anything about the little guys? As you have probably already figured out, my husband works for a little guy company and his job is becoming more and more uncertain as time goes on. We have been feeling like ants under a magnifying glass for a while anyway and it just seems to be getting worse!

I do have a point!

The point I want to make is this: if the president came up with an economy saving plan to bail out so many of the major companies, why did he not stipulate the said companies must buy their parts American? If this were required, almost all of the little companies that are folding would feel an economic boost of their own.

Any thoughts? I am seriously ready or answers!


Marcia said...

hm, an interesting thing to consider. I too am a little annoyed by the bailing out of companies who dug their own pits.

3DNP said...

ohh do I know your pain!! believe me....besides the bail outs why cant they hire more? There is like no jobs out there. We have sent in resumes applications and nothing has come of them! So now are we suppose to just ride it out...dont think so! It sucks....they forget about the little people that make the companies what they are....just pisses a person off!