Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was really nice this year. Normally with holidays, I have some idea of what should occur and by the middle of the day, all of my ideas have flown right out the window!!! This year, I did not have many expectations and I got a great outcome! All I wanted to do was plant the flowers and work in my garden. I got this and a whole lot more!

First off, my little "angel baby" did not wake me up until 7:45. I have not slept that late in a loooong time! I was thankful for the extra hour +!!! Then, my husband decided to make me blueberry muffins for breakfast! I love them and never quite get around to making them, so this was a wonderful gift, in itself! Then, we went to church. We were 30 minutes late, as always! It just does not seem to work any better than that. Either way, S took the little kids home, while I stayed for Sunday School with the older ones. He was supposed to be back at 11:30 to get us, but something must not have worked out there, because we were almost all the way home by the time he got to us! We went straight to grandma's house, where he dropped me off and then he took all of the kids to go see his grandma!

Grandma is my mom's mom and since my mom is not here, I did not want her to be alone on MD. I think it is hard enough for her, although she never says much and I do not want to think of her sad on that day. I took grandma some pumpkin spiced chai. It is my favorite and she likes it too! She does not get out much, so it was a little treat for her.

My sister came to see grandma a little while after I had gotten there. Our brother, his girlfriend and our little brother all showed up a little while later. I think this visit was probably just what grandma needed. I am pretty sure she did not feel alone. I hope not anyway!

S came and got me at 2 and we went home to plant the garden. I know, I know, part of the garden was planted, but I had not gotten my peppers or tomatos until this weekend, so we had to get them in. And, for some reason, my garden resembled more of a weed patch than a garden, so that had to be done too. Anyway, S did not complain one time and he did most all of the hoeing and dug rows for me to plant. I even got more green beans seeded, since most of them did not come up. I am sooooo excited!

After the garden, we were on to the flowers and the four perennials we had gotten between the two of us. S always brings flowers home for MD and we always plant them together, but this year he had brought a few perennials home and I got two perennials too, so those are an addition that will not have to be replaced next year. As far as that goes, before I we got to the garden planted, the writer of "What the..." was here dropping off a St. John's Wort plant! The crazy thing is, and the reason she got the plant to begin with, that I take St. John's Wort religiously! She said it has beautiful flowers, so that is just a plus, right? Not to mention, she said it is possible, although probably not probable for me, to make your own SJW from that plant! Very thoughtful and rather humorous at the same time!

Jeez! We even got rained on! Meeeeema was in the play pen playing while Boog was napping in the house and all of a sudden it started raining. It was just sprinkling and then it got pretty hard, so we swooped Meeeeema out of the play pen and Z, our 11 year old, quickly carried it into the house. I left the front door open, with the play pen right in the door way. There were a few nasty flies in the house, but I was happy to be able to continue working. The rain had pretty well let up and I was not really planting a whole lot after that, but I was trying to clean up some and help get things back in order.

When we finally got all of the planting under control, S made spaghetti for supper. There was even garlic bread, although we should have had salad! Oh well! I even had more tea as I sat on my bed and crocheted. All of the kids came inside and wanted to give me their gifts. They were all great. Ponch gave me a tea bag and a paper kettle with a poem in it. She also gave me a cook book made by the third grade and their favorite recipe! I love it! B gave me a flower with his picture on it and a card. I love it! Bucko gave me a geranium that had been in his book bag allllll weekend long, a card/book, a little bag with bubble bath in it and a dvd from his class. I love it! I got a Hibiscus from my husband's grandma (she had Z pick it out for me for MD, so I am thinking she wanted him to have a gift?), which is absolutely beautiful! I guess I will post pics of all this on my pico-blog? Maybe?

And then S took pics of me with all of the kids. There are so many pics! The only problem is that I was trying to smile without my teeth showing, because we had spaghetti and I had not brushed my teeth again, so I was afraid of the dreaded black stuff in the teeth! UGH! I look like a dork! ALL THE TIME!

Sorry for the long windedness! Hope you had a great day!


the girls, the boys, and me said...

Glad you had a wonderful day. you deserve ya!!

Snot Head said...

The day really was full. No wonder you were so sleepy. Being at Grandma's was very nice. My only disappointment was that I didn't make out any time to go to Mom's grave. When I really thought about it, though...I just did'nt really want to see that snake. ;o)

Congrats on your St John's Wort Plant! That is very funny.