Thursday, May 14, 2009

Damned Storms!

Last night we knew before we went to bed that a bad storm would be rolling through our are sometime during the night, so we made the kids make a bed on our floor, so we would know they were safe. I was going to be able to sleep, with this in mind. Sure I was!!! I could not sleep and when I did, I was dreaming of helicopters crashing in our front yard!

Where does all of this crazy come from, you ask?

First off, I am cuh ray zee! DUH??? You all know this!

Secondly, this winter we had a really bad ice storm that dropped a branch onto and through our roof. As strange as it sounds, we have two layers of roof, because the house used to have a flat roof and that did not work out so well, so one of the previous owners put a pitched roof on it. Anyway, that means the branch only went through one layer of roof and we were not harmed by the damage it caused, but it scared us pretty badly! If you read that blog, you know that the branch fell right over my bedroom. The very place where we tucked our kids away for safe keeping!

Every time the wind would pick up---really, really pick up, I would jump or sit up and clutch Meeeema! S kept trying to figure out why I was freaking out. I guess he thought I thought a tornado was going to get us. I finally told him that I was afraid the tree was going to fall on us! I guess he thought about it a little too much too, because this morning brought sleepy eyes for him too!

Oh, the injustice! This is crap! I need sleepy! Or, at the very least, a whole lot of tea today!

Did I mention that I am hormonal? Look out world!

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3DNP said...

oh man you poor thing. I slept like a baby after I got to sleep listening to the rain hit our bedroom window....the dog didnt like it. the boys neither one woke up either! Sorry you didnt get much sleep but just think, after the gym tonight you will sleep like a baby right???? lol