Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Am Sad...

I was missing my mom last night.

I think I lost my mind.

I was not mean to my family.

Not rude or unkind.

I have been doing something different.

Just packing thoughts inside.

It is not wise. No, its not good.

It hurts down deep inside.

I feel like I ask too much to let those feelings show.

I feel like, by now, I should have let those feelings go.

In some ways I have. In some ways I'm good.

In some ways I've gone on, the way I think I should.

Either way, I was missing my mom last night, in a way no other could.

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Snot Head said...

This may be the only reason I am sad I don't have the internet at home anymore. I am sorry you posted this three days ago and I was not there for you. When I didn't see you at the end of the service Sunday, I assumed that was why. I remember feeling like people are tired of hearing about it. I am not tired of hearing about it. I think that when I am at my most accepting point of Mom's death, you are at your lowest point, and vice versa. The only difference is that you are more in tune to when I need you, and I am not so good in that department yet. I am sorry for that because you deserve me to be there for you so much more than I have been. I hope you are feeling better today. I know Mom hates when we are sad.