Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sadie is Gone

Sadie is gone. I am so sad and mad and hurt that no one would listen to me when I said I did not want to get rid of her. I did want to get rid of her a little over a week ago. She has been a lot of trouble between breaking chains that we can not afford to replace and chewing up things that she should not be. I even sent a message out to all of my friends with a cell phone, because I was so tired of her chewing up things that meant something to someone. What I mean by chewing things up is that she would reach high and low to get things she should not have and chew them to shreds. I was no longer worrying about getting rid of her. I felt like she might be growing up a little. She stopped barking so much throughout the day. I had gotten her some rawhide chews and she had not been chewing on anything she should not have been. I was fine with keeping her in our family.

Then, my neighbor came over and said he found her a home. I was reluctant, but agreed for him to come and talk about it. My husband was more than happy to talk about a new home for her. I told him when the neighbor left that I did not think Z would be able to let her go. He let Z decide whether or not he wanted to go with the neighbor to take her to her new home. Z decided to go. They were going to go the next day, which was yesterday. I said AGAIN that I did not think I could do it.

Yesterday came and Z got home from school. He had to finish a job that he had left from the Monday before he could do anything. He did that and said he was going to the neighbor's house. He did not ever come and tell me he was taking Sadie. He did not say he was leaving at all, which is not the way the life an 11 year old works, but whatever! Anyway, the next thing I knew Ponch said that Z was leaving with the neighbor. I said his name, but it was too late. They were off. No one got to tell her good bye.

The other kids were upset. One thought the other person was only taking her to train her and give her back. One of them was crying. I had been crying all afternoon, because I told my husband I did not want to get rid of her and he just would not hear it. I love feeling like my opinion means nothing! Ponch was a little upset and she did not even like Sadie. And, Meeeeema calls out for Teedee all the time. She loves Sadie. How do you explain that she is gone to a one year old? Or, a two year old for that matter?

My son, Z, got back when I was leaving to take Ponch to practice. I could not even look at him as we passed him on the road. I have a lot of bad feelings about a kid who is so eager to get rid of his best friend. I just don't understand it! After we left practice, Ponch and I were driving down the road and who do we see, but our dog on someone else's leash! I was bawling. I stopped to see her for a minute. I told the girl that I did not want my husband to get rid of her. She assured me that the dog would have a good home. I don't know if I care!? I think it is wrong to uproot her. We only took her because someone was going to send her to the pound. I still don't think she deserves to be swithcing homes again!

Today, I still feel awful about it. I still am upset. Z is upset. He thinks he made the wrong decision. He misses her energy. He misses her playful ways. He misses his best friend.

I am mad that he was not stopped from making that decision and that no one considered my thoughts. I did not hide what I was thinking. I was very up front and open about it.

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Marcia said...

oh man, i'm so sorry. :(