Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Goiiiiiiing Crazy!

I am truly going crazy! I told a friend last night that I have nothing in me to blog about! I guess I should not have spoken so soon! I am pissed! My husband called me at 9:31 to tell me that "we have a problem." Oh ok? What ever could that be, I wonder? Well, lucky me, he proceeds to tell me that problem!

He says the boss came up to him just a few minutes before his break and ask him if he wants to go to FL for a few days! Gee, could he? Please tell me that my f'ing husband is being swept away to FL with another man! Not exactly the way I pictured it, but whatever!

Honestly, there has been a problem with some "bases" that they construct, so he and the foreman have been asked to go and fix them. I am pretty sure that he does not get paid enough to do any of the following: get on a plane and just leave until Monday, leave his 7 kids with there fruit cake mother, leave on less that 24 hours notice! I am pissed! Did I mention this? Oh, man! I can not even express how mad it makes me that he is considering it! He does not get it. I get the "well if you are going to be mad at me, I won't go" speech and all I am thinking is that if he does not know me by now...

MORON! WTF? Why would I want to do this? Money is not everything! I guess that mentality is why we are broke, but seriously! UGH!

My brain is screaming! And, the total kicker is that they don't even have details yet to let him know how "worth it" this trip is going to be??!~?!?!

bad words, bad words, and more bad words

and one closing thought...

Hey, happy freakin mother's day!


3DNP said...

well with madness aside...kinda a privledge to be asked!! maybe he does know what he is doing! lol But that aside....i understand your frustration and being mothers day weekend to boot! Sure you dont want to go to the gym tonight to work off the aggression before you kill someone, excuse me, him!!! lol love ya! It will work out.....either way!

Snot Head said...

Hey lady. I understand not knowing the details and having something sprung on you sucks. It would suck for me, and I don't have a thousand kids to worry about alone. If they make it financially worth it, I think he should take the chance. You are right. Money is definitely not everything, but like 3DNP said, it is an honor to be asked, even though the rest of the guys he works with are screw ups. It shows they notice him and respect the fact that he works hard and well.

I work tomorrow and Friday, but I only work til 12 Saturday, and I can come over after work every day until the kids go to sleep at night until he comes home. I will for sure come help you with whatever you need, even if you just want to take a walk by yourself while I sit with the kids. I will help if you two decide it's something he should do! You just let me know where to be and when to be there, sarg! :)

Momma B said...

Just the offer brings tears to my eyes! I don't like feeling alone, because I don't need a lot of extra time with my thoughts! That becomes a problem rather quickly sometimes. I am alone a lot, but there are little people keeping my mind busy with needs. I don't know if this would work for five days or if it would floor me, especially since Roberta just died and I don't think I am fully over that yet. Gee, thinking about me again, when God only knows how her girls are feeling! You know what I mean though.