Friday, May 22, 2009

Opinions Please...

Ok, so I know I just said I was going on holiday, but I wrote something for a woman, in my church, who lost her husband to cancer yesterday. I need to know if I should pass it on, or keep it to myself. Thanks in advance for your comments!

I am sorry you are grieving.

I am sorry you are sad.

I am sorry you have lost the one you called your husband and your friend.

I promised you I'd take him home and that I surely did.

I also promised to care for him and love him as you would.

You see, my love is great and strong, like none you can comprehend.

But, when you get to my Heavenly gates, you will understand.

Until then, let your heart mend with this very thought then,

I am taking care of him now and in your heart he will never be forgotten.


Snot Head said...

I think its perfect. It is very sweet and I love how it is from God's perspective. It will feel very personal to her, as if God is really reassuring her, telling her it is all ok. She will she him again, and none of this pain will matter anymore. Definitely a "pass on" vote for me!

kekee73 said...

That was just beautiful. Was that the firecall yesterday? I agree with snot face, very good.

the girls, the boys, and me said...

PASS IT ON!!! it is good...i second what kylie said

the girls, the boys, and me said...

sorry for the slip-up!!