Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cunningham Children's Home

Over the weekend, our Sunday School confirmation group went to the Cunningham Children's Home for their annual confirmation class "field trip" day.

It was an experience unlike any that I have ever been through before. I felt sad throughout most of the day. I was just sad to know that kids are without a "mom and dad" home. Oh, don't get me wrong, I am a "mom only" home kid and that is fine, but the point is that it drives me crazy that so many people have kids and don't stick by them. Kids need parents! Kids need support! Kids need guidance! I know life is not perfect and I also know that it is wonderful that there is a home with loving staff that really do their best to become the "parental influence" for these kids. It still makes me sad.

Being sad was not to be the point of the blog, so on with it already!

I wanted to take a minute to personally blog a thank you to all of my hat making cohorts! I thought it would be nice to make hats for all of the kids who live at the home and to also make hats for all of the kids who attend the school. I mentioned it to my sister. I was attempting to tell her in hopes of her saying that she would help. Well, over the course of our hat making excursion, many other generous souls offered to help as well! My grandma started making hats and my sister's man-friend/fiance' did too! After that, our friends Ant Knit, 3DNP, Kekee, and Life With My 3 Boys all joined in too! I forgot to mention that my 9 year old, Ponch, and my 11 1/2 year old, Z, also pitched in!

I think you are all wonderful and I am so thankful to have you as friends! Thanks for everything!

Ha! IF I was "cool" I would say "you ROCK!"

I am not cool!


Marcia said...

You did say it so you MUST be cool!

I was asking my 15 y /o niece if I'm too old to call my friends my "peeps" she said that I could say it as long as I didn't say it often. Generous, isn't she?

Momma B said...

So, what you are saying is that she says you can be cool sometimes, but not necessarily in her presence, or in the presence of your kids, right? VERY FUNNY!

3DNP said...

well most of the time I roll....literally have you seen me fall!! Any who it was great to be a part of the hat making...something for someone else and kids no less! Still want to!! You are cool and dont let any one else tell you other wise!!