Thursday, April 16, 2009

Old Note To A Friend. Feel Free To Laugh At My Misfortune!

This is me being calm in spite of kid number 2 our of 329084902384 being sick and throwing up all over my house!

I was asked for an address, so I started searching through my folder that contains important email and a lot of them are from shortly after my mom died. I found one that is rather comical and I thought I could share it, since it seems I will be washing and rewashing many of the items in my house until the stomach flu passes on to another location! I will certainly fall short on blogging time!!!

Have a great, puke free day!

After they ate and we got dressed, I decided to go check on my mom's cat. I felt so sad for her, when I got there. She was sitting by the canned food and just crying. She was hungry and could not figure out why noone was there to feed her. I did not like the way that made me feel, so I called grandma and asked her if she would mind my bringing her in to her house. She is not supposed to have two animals and already has a little dog, but she said it would be ok. My allergies keep me from having cats. So, I thought I would quickly get her loaded up and leave. HA!!! I wanted to leave the cat for dead by the time I was done! She is not a bad cat, but she would not let me pick her up. She kept trying to scratch me. The only cat carrier looked like it had been sitting outside since the 70's and it was full of landscaping bricks?!? Don't ask, I don't know! Anyway, I emptied it and went back into the house to try and put the cat in it. By the third time I had tried this I was ready to scream! I finally opened a can of cat food and put it in the cage. You know that that damned cat just tried to pull the food forward and eat it with her butt hanging out of the cage!?!?!? I was soooo mad. I got her back out and pushed the food to the back and then I let her try and get it again. Ok, so, she's in. Great, right? Not when I realize that the cage latch is broken! I hauled her out to the van and put her in with the door up against the seat. That seemed to work okay.

With the feeling of accomplishment, finally, I decided that I would go back and get the plants that I told grandma I would bring to her house--might as well only make one trip! I also brought the rest of a ham for her, because I thought she might like to have it. We had been sending food to my mom's, when we knew someone would be there to eat it, but otherwise everyone was bringing it to our house. We have a whole other ham to eat still. The one I sent with her was really good and cooked in pineapple, which made her day--kind of grosses me out to eat fruit and meat together, but that is just me. Anyway, I also had all the cats food, which was in one of those cat food keepers and it must have been most of a 20lb bag, because it was really pretty heavy. And, I grabbed the litter, but not the litter pan. I am pretty sure grandma has one and I can't touch it anyway.

When we got to grandma's complex, I realized that they had resurfaced the drive, so we could not get in. Grandma lives in the second building over, so I am really in for a treat. Gee, I can hardly wait! I get out and get the dumb cat to get out. She is not agreeing with any of what is going on! She is stressed and scared and just plain mad! I know exactly where she is coming from, because about 2 miles out of GC she got out of the cage and decided to try and get in the front seat--probably smelled the ham. I kept trying to swat her back. I called Scott, because I decided that I wanted to make sure someone knew I was about to freak out! He, of course, laughed at me!! Good times!!!!! Anyway, back to the driveway, I got the cat out and grandma came up the sidewalk telling me to drive around to the back yard. I threw the cat back in the van and went around. This proved much easier. Thank God! Something about today seemed easy!

I pulled the cat out first, again, and she started scratching and biting me! Ok, so now, I am deciding where and how she would like my foot. I was cussing and yelling and I just let her go. I bet she is wishing she had not made such a scene, as of right now, because it is raining and she is OUTSIDE! Bad choices will get you know where Miss Kitty! Her name is Sadie, but by now I am thinking Satan is more appropriate! We decided that she would get cold or hungry and she would bring her butt back to grandma's. I hope so anyway. She is really not an outside cat. I feel quite sorry for her, in spite of wanting to choke her!

I went ahead and unloaded everything else. Noah, who would not put clothes on today, ran into grandma's and begged to stay. She decided that would be ok. I am glad, because I needed to do other things and he was in his boxers! No kidding! No shoes, no shirt, no shorts, no nothing, but the boxers, which he is quite fond of! He has been missing grandma and he really does not understand about my mom--not bad, but it is confusing for all of them--so him wanting to cling to grandma does not surprise me. Blake wanted to go to, but he is not very big on listening to her, so she can't handle him for very long. Noah will end up being there for 4 hours, so there was no way she would take both. And, grandma is lonelier than ever, so the company will help her too. She does not say much, but my mom pretty much took her everywhere. I guess you know what that means--I will have to make sure I keep a better eye on here. Man, please help me figure out when I will have time for me!?!?!? I guess I will just have to make it work. I almost wish I had room for her here, but her dog pees everywhere and I would kill her for that! She is not trained and that is a really bad thing!!!


Snot Head said...

All day at work, I have been reading Angie's blog, the lady that is updating MckMamma's. I went back to the beginning and started to read about her daughter. Today alone, I believe I have been more blessed than ever in my life. I have learned much about our God, and I am learning about ways he will use me. Anyway, the point is, I am already in that sad nostalgic mood, and while this is somewhat comical, it sure does make me miss the craziest lady of all the crazies. I miss her mean "I own this house" cat and her crazy "I will jump all over you because I am pretty sure you can't see me" dog. Thinking back on those few days after Mom died still feels so insanely surreal. Reading this makes me sad for a different reason, though. After spending a few days at Mom's house after she died, just Jacob and I, I went back home and tried to go back to MY life. I was sad for all of you guys, but I never even thought about how I could help you guys, especially you. I still think it is terrible that you got the brunt of all the responsibility, but like you said about your pregnancy, I think God knew you had to have things to keep you moving so you wouldn't crash all together. I still can't believe I let nine months go by before I moved back home. It is very strange to remember how unhappy I was in the city an how at peace I am in this tiny town.

Thanks for sharing that letter. It helps me to remember Mom like she was. Love you!!

Crazy Lady said...

OMG! You crack me up! I can see you doing this and I laughed hysterically!