Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stalking Me Again, Jane?

Ha! I just found out yesterday that a lady I used to work with has been secretly reading my blog, so I thought I would mess with her head a bit and make the title of my blog freak her out!

Well, did it work? Jaaaaaaaane! Yoohoo!?! Do you read me loud and clear?

Just kidding! Read away! I even love that you said reading this makes you feel closer to me! However, I think it is sick that we live three blocks apart and rarely ever see each other! I think it is that rotten job of yours! Ha! Sorry to mess with your head, but the devil made me do it! And, it is probably not the worst thing the devil has made me do this week, but it might be the funniest!

I miss you! I love you!

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