Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh, The Thinks I Can Think!

Ok, so I wrote a few things down yesterday and I thought maybe I would share them? I don't make any claims of being a writer, but I do enjoy it.

I Miss My MOM!

I miss my mom!

Sometimes I cry.

I miss my mom!

Why did she die?

I miss my mom!

Miss her smile.

I miss my mom!

All the while,

I miss my mom!

Not her pain!

I'll miss my mom,

til we meet again!


Where did you go?

Where have you been?

At Heaven's gate, we'll meet again?

Not today though.

No, not now.

But some day as this world spins round,

My heart will stop.

Just one last beat.

And then again, you and I will meet!


Marcia said...

I like them. Sometimes I try to imagine what it would be like to stop breathing or have my heart stop beating. It really sucks that you have to miss your mom.

3DNP said...

Very insightful...and so you! Touching and pure genuine! Ok did you rob the title from a Dr. Suess book?? ;o) Gym tonight???

Momma B said...

I think it sucks to miss mom too, but we all have to go through it some time and when I think about how much younger my siblings are and them having to go through it too, I feel pretty fortunate to have know her for so long.

I would rather not stop breathing any time soon! I fear more that my kids might have to miss me too young than I feel sad about missing my own mom! I don't think kids should have to grow up without a mom. I know it happens all the time, but it is still my feeling on the subject!

As for the title, I may have borrowed a little from Suess!?! Possibly...

Ok, so I used all but one word! This is my attempt at giving credit where credit is due, so don't sue me!

And, did you notice my all new PINK SKIN!?!? I loooove it!

Snot Head said...

You changed your layout! Woohoo! I have noticed people are doing that lately, like spring cleaning or something...It is very bright. When the comment page comes up all white and stuff, it still looks pink from looking at your page.

kekee73 said...

I had an extreme chocolate blizzard with added peanut butter, so you know what I am doing right now. I have been feeling very open to other people and their feelings and I almost blurted out yesterday, I miss ur mom too. Differently but the same. Did 3dnp say potent drinks were needed, I agree. Kiss kiss.

Marcia said...

I did notice your pink! I change mine from time to time too. :)

Very true about not wanting your kids to miss their mom. I don't mean I want to do either of those things, I just try to imagine what it would be like. I'm warped.

Momma B said...

I knew what you meant Lady! I was just expressing my warped ideas in the comment I left after yours! All is well! HA! Or, unwell as it may be!!!