Friday, April 17, 2009

Queen of the Bleach Wipes and Disinfectant Spray

As of 6:15 a.m., I am crowning myself the new queen of the bleach wipes and disinfectant spray! Of course, I am out of Lysol, so I can not really claim to be the queen of that, but you can believe I was diligently spraying every light switch and faucet and door handle and toilet lid that I could, while I did have it! I am so sick of puke! (sorry, not very big on being proper or appropriate!)

Oh, back to the reason for the 6:15 coronation...

I was startled out of a new fallen sleep by the sound of a short person throwing up all over her crib! If there is a better way to start your day, I would sure like to know what that is! Maybe I can try it tomorrow! Anyway, since one year old Meeeeema sleeps with me, I could not just jump up and put Boog's head in the toilet, so I yell for S, who is as deaf as, well, a 900 year old man! And, he just yells back, rather than making any sort of haste! I was getting more and more irritated and just then he comes in to "save the day." I am thinking he can get her to the toilet while I do something safe with Meeeeema. Nice try! That man's quick fix is to set Boog down and tell her to go throw up on the potty. Great! Thanks for all your help! She could have climbed out of the crib and set herself down on the floor to puke everywhere, while walking to the toilet! Jeez!

Either way, she made it! She finished her business and then he put her in the shower to rinse away all traces of nastiness. While he did this, I got the joy of cleaning up all of the TRACES she left along the path from the crib to the toilet! UGH!

I am the Queen!(of all things disgusting!)

Oh, I forgot to mention that last night Meeeeema pooped to her shoulders, which tells me she is probably sick too! Anyway, she was in the high chair when she did it. I was throwing her in the shower and asked him to take care of the poop laundry. I told him there was poop on the high chair padding. I took care of her and went on about my business of getting ready to go to the gym, because Meeeema seemed to be fine after her episode. This morning, as I walked into the kitchen, I got another whiff of the most disgusting smell. I looked up and saw the damned padding still in the high chair! Are you kidding me? So, I proceeded to have an argument with 900 year old deaf guy about how I told him that needed to be washed too!

I quit!

I quit!

I am on strike!

No, I take it back!

The laundry is already starting to stink! I can't do it fast enough, because when one puke load is finished, I am hit with another kid load that has some other sort of nastiness on it!


3DNP said...

Dang it you guys just dont catch a break! What is it with the puking??? Please if you need anything (besides sanity) please let me know! (not qualified to help with sanity, dont have much myself) Hopefully meeemma only has the poopies and no pukey for you. Is Noah all better then?? Keep your self out buddy!!

kekee73 said...

I feel for you,hopefully it get through your house quickly so you can enjoy life and this good weather.

Snot Head said...

Well that all sucks....I think I will only have two children...then I can shelter them from the world and we will never get sick...ever!!!! If they are anything like Big T, he can clean up puke traces from the bed to the bathroom! I will blame his genetics which will mean he has to clean it I live in a perfect world!

WA said...

Oh, poor you. But at least your house is the most sanitary place on the block for a few days.