Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To Yoga, Or Not To Yoga?

To yoga, or not to yoga is certainly the question! I went with P and Snot Head, aka my little sister, to a half hour yoga class at our gym. I have done the 15 minute McDonald's yoga work out at home before and thought I would like to try this class.

Did I mention that I did the McD's yoga work out in the privacy of my own home?

Did I mention that I am extremely under coordinated?

Did I mention that I have a mild case of laughing out loud in uncomfortable situations?

Did I also mention that I want to strangle my own children for the very same behavior?

Surely I mentioned these things to my sister and friend before dragging off to a yoga class. Ha! Sure I did!

Anyway, I got to the gym a few minutes early and met up with P, who borrowed one of the yoga mats from my house. She and I carried in the mats, what felt like 9304834085 water bottles and our change of shoes. I signed in quickly and ran off to get my mat in place before the whole back row of the classroom was full! I unrolled my mat before I ran to the bathroom and as I was flinging my mat out, the crochet hook that I thought was lost forever came flying out across the classroom! It was strange, embarrassing and funny all at the same time!

I came back from the bathroom to find that the class was starting without me. I tried to sneak in and be unnoticed, but some how that is nearly impossible when you are me! I am always making unnecessary noise, or laughing, or doing something to get into trouble! The class was just a series of stretches, but not the kind of stretches I do before I get on the treadmill. No, not at all! I can say that some of those stretches left me wondering if my foot was really going to get stuck by my opposite wrist! NO KIDDING!

So, you may be wondering if it worked??? I would have to say YES! I am in pain sitting at my computer desk! I have the worst case of SCREAMING ABS that I think I have ever experienced! Also, for some reason the palms of my hands have been crying in pain all morning long!

Plans for next week?

I plan to not find a crochet hook lodged anywhere in my mat! I plan not to lay on the mat and laugh, more than maybe twice during the half hour class and I plan to be able to sit upright the next day without being able to hear my torso screaming in pain! Now, we'll have to see if it works that way!

Any gamblers?


Snot Head said...

ha-larious! lol If nothing else, it was a good bonding experience. I didn't ever feel uncomfortable because I was with you ladies who could also laugh at least I assume you were laughing at yourselves...hmmm...maybe I won't do yoga next week. hahahahaha I was having major butt crack issues, and with a GIANT mirror behind me...EVEN BETTER!

Marcia said...

I love that your crochet hook went flying! AND! I do that laughing at completely the wrong time thing always. It's annoying (in myself). Do you also make what you think will be a funny book only to end up having it be both horribly embarrassing and completely inappropriate?

3DNP said...

have to admit.....the crochet hook was hilarious! It just came shooting out of there...good thing it didnt hit the mirror!! lol yes my abs arent in so much glutious maximus (cant spell sound it out) aka...butt muscles hurt! yep...good thing!!! maybe with all the pain...eats eating away the butt fat?!! yep thats what i keep telling myself anyways! so i am game for next week if you are!! please leave your crochet hooks at home this time...dont want anyone to get hurt! lol