Friday, April 3, 2009

This Is My Spin...

This is my spin on a piece that I read on Wendi Aarons blog. I am BY NO MEANS trying to steal her work or ideas! I just happened to read her blog entry and it got me thinking about what my house is like from a more theatrical stand point.

My home is like a theater rehearsal. Every day is just another practice. The kids in the house are diligently practicing their roles, hoping to gain enough knowledge to master the role and, one day, go out on their own to star in bigger and better productions that life has to hold for them.

Sometimes there is drama.

Other times, the mood is purely comedic.

There is not usually much need for make-up, thank God, because no one here knows how to apply it anyway! The countless wardrobe changes absolutely make up for the lack of make-up!

As for scenery, it is as ever-changing as the costumes! The on-going remodeling projects, along with the endless piles of laundry stacked on the back of the couch, which helps to facilitate the countless wardrobe changes through out the day, and the constant placement and replacement of children's toys make for interesting props in this play we call life!

The plot varies from one day to the next, but carries the same general idea, which is love, life and well-being.

We, the actors in this so-called play, strive to perfect our roles, but we know that the part of parent is especially hard to master, so we practice and practice some more.

There is no time to falter and no room for failure, so forge ahead we must!

It is Broadway or bust!

Maybe it is a little goofy, but I find that I am a little less crazy, if since I have started letting the thoughts from my head spill onto the pages of my notebook!

Have a great day!


Momma B said...

Who am I kidding? We all know that I will never really be less crazy! It sure sounds like a good plan though!

Snot Head said...

It is very weird that you are the first to comment on your own blog! I love that you bought that notebook, and I love that you are sharing some of it with us. You may not be less crazy, but at least when you die, some crazy scientist can take your notebook and study it against other crazy people. You have set a whole new standard for crazy!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Momma B said...

Look whose talking!

3DNP said...

do I have to make you each sit in the corner....not same corner either!! ;o) Seriously this was well said and I think everyones life is like a broadway show....everyday is dress rehearsal. I soo see it now in my life. Oh....I think the journal thing is bringing out the more crazy side of you if there can be....hehe!

Momma B said...

I thought I was the sane one in the relationship we all share? Don't go and burst my bubble now!

Marcia said...

**mental note to self: burn all notebooks so scientists can't study them in the future**

I don't read Wendi Aarons, but I liked your post!