Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Mailed The Lady In My Computer Some Chai!

I mailed the lady in my computer some chai and it did not land me in the Pokey! I am impressed!!! On a whim one day last week I sent Ant Knit a packet of my favorite chai! I thought for a second that I might be considered to be a terrorist of the sugariest kind, because the packet of chai is noticeably granular and shifts a little in the envelope, but when noone came to arrest me, I was pleasantly surprised! I was even more pleasantly surprised when I got a text from her saying that she received my little (tiny) gift!

So, for public record, I am the Chai Master and don't you forget it!


3DNP said...

if you did get arrested i will bail you out! in my experiences...can get that done pretty well! Anyways we have yoga tonight so you have to be there....cause i wouldnt have a mat if you didnt he he!!

Snot Head said...

Woohoo! Yoga tonight! I am very excited about that...change of pace. Congrats on the first ever successful mailing of happiness in a sugary form! (Well, maybe not the first ever...) I'm glad to see I don't have to take care of your zoo while you sit in the slammer because I couldn't afford to get you out...my little terrorist! ;)

Marcia said...

Oh. So. Good. Terrorist is right! Yummy! I hope I never find that in my store because I don't think my hips and thighs would ever recover. You're the bestest! (and before I even saw your entry I gave you a little mention on my pic o' the day bloggie)

Momma B said...

I will have to look at that! I have fallen behind, because I do not have it in plain sight. My husband, however, has carried it from the old computer to this one and looks at it pretty religiously! He likes taking pictures and he likes the pictures you take, so he follows.

Occasionally, I find my Mr. No Blog reading a bit of all the other ones that I follow in public too! One day when I came home, he was reading MckMama's blog on them not watching tv anymore! The only thing he had to say is that I should not get any ideas, although she makes some valid points! I can't believe my husband ever said that someone makes a valid point about not watching tv!

Sorry for being windy!