Friday, July 24, 2009


You know, I have been wanting to do a post of faith in man kind, or blessings, or something like that for a while now. I know that many people have their faith in the goodness of the human race shaken often, but in our situation of raising many kids, we see a lot of good-natured happenings. So, I believe it is about time to start handing out thank you's to the people who so graciously do not want to be identified!

For the "lady" who stuffed a $50 in my neighbor's hand, after she found out my husband lost his job, and made him bring it to us, so she could remain anonymous--THANK YOU!

For the repair man who did not try to stick us with the $900 part to repair our anti-lock brake nodule, but rather just unhooked the ABS system for us, until we can afford to get it repaired (before winter he says!) and at no charge to us, I might add--THANK YOU!

For the lady from church who brought us her garden green beans, because there were too many for them to eat, but not enough for her to care about canning--THANK YOU! (I even shared them with others!)

For those of you who heard my cries, fears and otherwise and pointed my husband in the direction of SOME work that could be done--THANK YOU SO MUCH!

For any of you who keep us company, invite us over--even though we are almost an army--say a kind word, when I am ready to implode, coloring my walls with brain fragments--THANK YOU TOO!

I completely, totally, unequivocally THANK YOU ALL for everything you do in kindness! It does not go unnoticed!


Snot Head said...

Sometimes it might be fun to watch the implosion/explosion...but I guess I value our relationship more. ;o)

Marcia said...

all of this niceness! I'm glad i know you. I'm glad people have been good to you.

Momma B said...

Funny thing is, Marcia, that the other day, I was going to tell you that you may be far away, but you are very important to me. The impact you can make in my life, by just holding my hand when I am mad, by text of course, makes all the difference in the world! I am very glad I know you too!