Saturday, July 25, 2009


You know, I got the chance to run away with some of my girls last night and I must say, it was AAAAWESOME! Now, of course, they would tell you that I tried to get them run over by a semi, but that would just be an elaborate scheme to make me look bad! I would never! Ever! No, really, I wouldn't! I love them all way to much for that! They would also say that we talk waaay too much about boobs, when we are together! I would have to say that they are wrong about that too, because we each have two, so double the conversation about boobs should be just right, right?

We did so little and had such a good time. All I really wanted to do was be with them. I got all that I could ask for by just spending time with them. I really do love them all. I guess that is something I should have mentioned in my blessings blog entry. I could not feel more blessed to have such caring, loving, wonderful friends, long distance and short distance friends alike. I really do love them all! I can not say that enough!

Thanks to all of my friends, for being my friends! You are the best! I am so happy to have you in my life! I am so glad that you can stand me, even when I can't! I am so glad that you stuck around! I am so glad that you are you!


Brenda said...

Even Mom's need a break sometimes. Glad you had fun.

Snot Head said...

It really was awesome! I love being the youngest. I love hearing the stories. I love being included and truly listened too. I love all the ladies and you very very much for being exactly who you all are!