Friday, July 24, 2009


Guacamole is not something I have ever really been lucky enough to make successfully! I tried once and it was AWFUL! I did it the other day though and it was wonderful! And, why wouldn't it be with all of these fabulous ingredients in it!!!

Don't mind the fact that I did not use enough lemon juice though! We will pretend that I did not eat it when the entire top layer had turned brown the other day! Glad we got that straightened out! ( I guess I did not end up using the peppers, but they came out of my garden, along with the onions and the cilantro! I was so excited!)


Snot Head said...

Yeah, I meant to tell you about that whole turning brown thing. It doesn't keep well, but the underneath stuff is still

Marcia said...

YUM YUM YUM YUM! I love guac! I love making quac! I love eating guac! I usually use lime juice instead of lemon. love cilantro. i also put in some ... oh what is that called? I'll have to run to the kitchen and check ... ah ha! ground cumin. i almost got avocados today. now i'm wishing i had. bummer!