Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Little Help Please?

Gotta love a girl who wants to be in a dress even less than her momma!

I finally got her to drop the arms and maybe a little of the attitude!

I said a little of the attitude! Not all of it!

Ok Ladies, I need some help! If any of you have any good ideas about how to attach the straps of this dress without putting buttons on, please fire away! I made a dress for Meeeeema today out of a pattern (yes I said pattern, which I can fumble through where sewing is concerned, just not crochet, really!) for a sundress. The sundress calls for buttons. I love to sew, but I don't do all the fancy zippers and stuff like that. I improvise as often as possible! I can do buttons, but they are appropriate in this case. This is a very elegant dress for my sister's wedding! I love it, but I have no idea what to do with the straps. I hate to admit having used sticky velcro to hold it up for the pic! I may even be reduced to tacking that velcro in and making it part of the final product! UGH!


won said...

I know nothing about promise not to laugh at me ok??

I looked at the dress and I saw some sort of ribbons to attach.

Hope you're not laughing....

randi said...

Your little one is SO CUTE! She is just a precious little package of adorableness!