Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday!

This Not Me Monday comes to your from MckMama! Her info is above, if you would like to take a look and see what the Not Me is all about!

I personally did not wake up and sneak out of my bedroom, even though my youngest was a little awake, knowing that she would likely wake her daddy up, only to go back into the bedroom a few minutes later to find one 18 month old with poop all over her hands! She had shown no evidence of having done that when I left the room, or I would have changed her. She was just laying there quietly. I thought that was my cue to sneak a little peace and quiet, but I guess I was wrong! I did not get to spend the next few minutes cleaning up poop and even more time washing her sheet and blanket! NO, Not Me!

So, how wonderful and enlightening was your week?

If you think I believe there has been nothing of the Not Me kind in your week, you are crazy!

Spill it! It's all in good fun!


Snot Head said...

That is so nasty! I can't wait for poop hands...

OMG! My word for the word verification is "hershee." So gross!!

Momma B said...

Gotta love the correlation between the word verification and the posts! It has happened more than once, to me!