Saturday, July 4, 2009

Man, I Am Sad!

My son, 12 year old Z, just left to go with his grandpa for two weeks. They have a 4 hour drive ahead of them. I pray for his safety on the way there, that he has a great time while there and that he be delivered home safely! He is mouthy and getting too big for his britches, but he is MY boy and I love him!

No, I didn't cry!

Yes, I wanted to!

I made him make sure to give his littlest sis a little extra love before he left, because she is going to be lost without him! She won't begin to understand where he has gone off to! She waved a little as they pulled away. She called his name, in sad little confusion. That was just a few short minutes ago.

No, I am not crying!

Yes, I would tell you if I was!

He was not supposed to leave until 4am, but since our festivities got rained out, we decided to let him go early, if they felt like leaving and beating all of the worries of drunk people on the roads! I was hoping they would go before any of that begins! I feel like too many innocent people end up dying on the 4th, for some reason. Just a mom fear maybe, but why not be safe?

I hope you are enjoying your holiday! We will have our "take 2" tomorrow!

I will leave you with an image of my boy and his littlest sissy! She had been asleep and her crazy hair was blowing in the breeze of the fan in my room, but she's still pretty darned cute! She loves him so much and he loves her too!


Deb said...

Oh they are so cute together! I have to say I quite enjoy it when one of my big kids goes away for a while... so peaceful! I get to enjoy the others and No fighting... Does that make me a nasty mum?

Brenda said...

What an adorable picture. I know the feeling. Keep yourself busy.

Snot Head said...

Ha ha. Wooo...that is sad. He'll be home safely soon, though.