Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's Officially Unofficial!

The Operations Manager of my husband's job seems to think they will all see a lay-off starting next week and extending through...

who really knows!

Maybe he will get called back and then again, maybe not!

I am here to tell you that I am thankful for what little we have, including food, shelter, clothing and transportation. I am not worried about much else. I will be grateful to come out of this recession with those very things and nothing else. I pray to come out of it with those things.

I don't want much. I ask for even less. I pray to see some stability in this unstable world! (Yep, it may sound silly, but I am still doing it!)


Snot Head said...

At least you are making sales to lift your spirits! I thought this give a away would be a big hit, and so far, Marcia is the only one entered to win. I have to say my heart sunk a little when I realized I only had one entry! My new blanket has gotten like 20 views or something already, but I think it is going to be time to start advertising this coming week.

I'm feeling a little unstable about taking this new job as well because I am only getting 11 hours and 55 minutes this week. Once taxes come out of that, I will have nothing! I'm freaking out right now. My stomach is flipping, and I'm feeling very sad because I'm not seeing a point in it all. I know what I heard from God. I trust him...just not as much as I'm supposed to be right now. If I make 150 a paycheck, that will be half of what I was bringing in at the bank. We were making ends meet at the bank...I don't know what we'll be making meet now if I can't start selling stuff!

I'm feeling like we're going to enter more financial hard ship. I'm feeling like it is going to be all my fault because I chose to take this job. I'm feeling guilty because Trevor supported me taking this job. I'm feeling crazy...and to top it all off, I'm feeling hormonal!!

Deb said...

Oh Jamie, I'm so sorry. I do believe we can pray for stability, and I do know that God will look after us. But its hard isn't it!

Marcia said...

jamie, that really sucks. i was hopeful it wouldn't come to that. rah.

Brenda said...

Good luck with everything. I will be praying for you and your family also.