Monday, July 20, 2009

Not My Child Monday!

Ok, so I was not really planning on doing a "Not My Child Monday" post, because I was thinking that I really did not have anything to post on, considering the nearly perfect (ha) nature of my children. Until, I remember my dear sweet husband telling me that my youngest child, whom I call Meeeeema for blogging purposes, said "bullshit" on Saturday! Great, right? No, not really! Not My Child! And, I know that she most certainly did not hear her very own daddy saying the word that she did Not say!!! I also did not cringe when thinking about taking her to church after her learning such a colorful new word! NO, Not Me!

I know I keep trying to get you all to participate and YOU DON'T, but I am thinking maybe since you are ratting your kids out this time and not yourselves, you might be more inclined. So, hows about it?!?


Snot Head said...

Dang!! And I can't even play...I guess I could rat out Lucy for puking on my knitting book!!

Momma B said...

That is sooo gross! UGH!

randi said...

Oh gosh! Kids are so good at keeping us humble! :)