Monday, June 22, 2009

Buggy Quilt

Here are some pics of one of the quilts I have made. As you can see, it is relatively small. I am not terribly comfortable with making larger quilts, although I have made a twin sized. (I guess I did blog about that!) Anyway, Bucko was helping my show it off and Meeeema was not really having it! She had so much fun trying to tackle the quilt that she threw a big fit when he put it down!

Deb, this is what I was talking about when I said I hand quilt some of the squares. My husband draws and I sew around it. I think it is a lot of fun, but it takes time and Meeeeema does not allow me much of that!
Most of the quilts I have made are grief quilts though. This and the one I made for grandma are pretty much the only "happy" quilts I have made. I usually put pictures on the grief quilts, but I have even made one out of the clothes of the person who was lost. I find that it is very endearing for the family to have a re-make of something they saw their loved one wearing day after day, year after year.

There I go rambling again! Back to reality! UGH!


Marcia said...

I love it! And I also love the idea of a quilt out of someone's clothes. That way the griever is given the option of either explaining the meaning or not.

randi said...

VERY cute quilt!

I love the idea of using clothes to make a quilt for someone who is grieving. I think that is very special and comforting.

Yarnmomma said...

You are such a blessing...

To have the gift of quilting blankets and then making blankets for individuals that have experienced a loss..

That is just amazing and I wanted you to know you will recieve a blessing in return for your actions..

(I myself would love to quilt but I am honestly scared to try.. I know it sounds crazy but I have this fear..)

And I linked you to my blog for your latest Giveaway..!!



Deb said...

wow! they are amazing. I love the wee creatures quilted on. So cute. I've just made two quilts out of David's old shirts and I love how they turned out. I hadn't realised how special it was to keep them! good on you xx

Snot Head said...

I've been reading a lot lately that God gives us special talents and skills to use for his glory. I think you are using your skills wonderfully!