Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tell Me How God Has Worked In Your Life This Week

I think this post should be more like an open forum. Today I would like to hear what God has done in your life. It can be Earth moving. It can be tiny! I prefer tiny, because if you are aware of the smallest things God does in your life, you are doing a fabulous job at paying attention! Not that I always do by any means!

I will start...

God has worked in my life this week by allowing my husband and I to take our oldest son on an outing with none of the other kids in tow. This may not sound like much, but we have so many kids and I always say that there is no room for alone time in our world. So, when my 12 year old called my sister an hour and 15 minutes before he and I were set to leave, to see if she would watch the other kids and she happened not to be busy, that was certainly GOD at work! We had a nice time with him. It is always frustrating when we take one of the kids to spend their money, but it was minimally frustrating, which was also God at work! I normally want to wrap my hands around, I mean, put my arm around him and gently lead him to a lower priced item, so he does not ask us for money that we do not have. This time, he figured that part out fairly easily!

Anyway, let me know what is going on inside your world this week. I think taking some to pick God out of our week and really focus on what He has done for us is important and completely worthy of a post!

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Snot Head said...

Well as you already know, God has given me peace and patience to deal with my hurts in the past few weeks. He has also given me peace to deal with our finances. He gave you to me! Your "paying me in groceries" is always a blessing. And, when I see my dad on the 1st, we will actually be able to pay our bills next month! God is wonderful provider.