Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My "Funny Story"

Let me set the stage first, so as to make better sense of what went on in my house this morning. I held Meeeeema in my bed, until she went to sleep last night. S did not come to be until after 11, so it is safe to say she was awake that long, atleast. Once she was asleep, I put her in the crib. For whatever reason, she has not wanted to sleep in there, AT ALL, so I am taking whatever I can get in the way of her sleeping there! Anyway, lucky for me, at 5a.m., she was saying "mom," so I got up and put her in bed with S and I. I was still awake at 5:30 with everything from her elbows in my boob, to her arm in a choke hold around my neck! I was mad and wanted to get up, because I never feel good if I try going back to sleep for a short time. I would rather just get up and grumble my way through the day, to be quite honest. S convinced me to just wait it out and she was asleep before too much longer. Does this mean I was asleep? NO! I finally feel asleep and...

I woke up this morning when S's alarm went off at 6:30. I hopped out of bed, not very enthusiastically, I must admit, but I hopped just the same. I went and woke Z up, because he had his first day of summer school and I did not want him to be late. I was not very happy, because Z was not really interested in waking up and he sleeps in the same room as some of the other kids, so I ended up yelling for him to get up and disturbing several others, but they went right back to sleep. Anyway, I finally succeeded in getting him up and I decided that I was going back to bed, because I did not AT ALL feel like being awake. Before I knew it, I was asleep! YIPPEE! I thought I would just lay there and toss for a while before getting up again, but sleeping is ok too.

8:59 I hear the mailbox door close from the road. I pop up and am in total disbelief that I have slept so long! I also hear Meeeema saying "mommy" like she is just thrilled to see I am awake! I get up, after a few minutes of lying there and go out into the hallway to see if Z made it off to the bus alright. He was not back in bed, so I breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, my glance was directed to the living room and I see something that I did not expect at all, Z was asleep sitting up on the love seat, with his tennis shoes on! I could not believe my eyes! (He has been exhausted since yesterday when he got back from a basketball camp.) I hollered at him. He woke up, still dazed and told me he was tired.

I called the school and got it set up for me to take him to the school and not miss any "points" for the day. I quickly started barking orders, so the million of us could ready and get out to the suburban ASAP! Within about 20 minutes, the whole nasty, stinky, dirty, hungry bunch of us was out the door and off to the school!


Glad you don't live in my house? Some days, I wish I was you!

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