Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Am...

I am participating in a giveaway blog.

I am supposed to tell you what I am going to do for Independence Day.

I am sad to say that I will not be doing anything extravagant, but...

I will be going on along with our family tradition!

Ok, so I am not sad about that! I am pretty happy that we have a tradition to follow, even though it certainly is not anything major!

We go to the parade in a neighboring small town at noon and then we stick around to check out the small, but MommaB happy-making, car show. After our heart's desire has been filled with old car on-looking, we go to Pizza Hut and enjoy having the entire place to ourselves! Now that I have said this, I will probably see all of you there, but its alright! I like you enough to share my restaurant with you! (We never eat out and with 7 kids, we don't want to stress out the rest of the world, even if we could afford to eat out!)

Around 3 or so we will head back home and possibly take a refreshing dip in our pool, before cleaning ourselves up to head back to the same small town that had the parade, for fireworks and maybe even meeting up to visit with some friends!

It may seem simple, but we really enjoy it!

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Marcia said...

sounds fun! We're going to my parents house for the morning because my dad is a speaker at their church's breakfast. Usually we go to our city's parade. One of the few around who still throw candy. Joys. we'll probably be home to watch fireworks here in town cause we have a decent show at the park by the high school.

Snot Head said...

It was definitely sad not to see all the old cars this year!