Monday, June 8, 2009

My Son

My son is almost 12. Actually, he will turn 12 in less than a week.

Yesterday I was driving him to a friend's house, so he could hitch a ride to a 3 day basketball camp at ONU. On the way there, I was thinking about how much I will miss him. I am not really sappy, but I love my kid and I do miss him. Knowing he is gone to SOMEWHERE for 3 days is different than him spending the night at a friend's house for an extended period of time.

Anyway, I grabbed his hand, as I have atleast a million time before, and he jerked it away from me! I told him he is my boy and I will miss him. He said, " Ya, but you don't have to try and hold my hand over it!" It did not hurt my feelings. I gave him a hard time over it more than anything, but I guess you could say it was the beginning of my losing my kid to adulthood. I will certainly mourn the loss of his childhood. It makes me feel sad and sappy just thinking about it.

(You know, when he was a baby, he hated being so far away from me, when we were in the car, so I would always reach my arm back there, no matter how uncomfortable, and hold his hand. I guess my arm won't hurt any more.)

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Snot Head said...

"I guess my arm won't hurt anymore." That was enough to have me a sappy mess! It didn't take long for your boy to develop his "man" exterior and not want to be the sweet lovey cuddly chunk he used to be. At least he gives you enough of those one on one moments to feel his love still. It feels like it just happened over night, though, even though I know that's not true. It will be hard for me to watch them grow up, so I can't imagine what it will be like for you. I guess that attatchment to their childhood can hopefully turn into pride of what they are becoming.