Thursday, June 25, 2009

Winner With Her Prize

I thought it would be fitting to post a pic of the winner with her prize. I like having pics or atleast seeing pics of the item I have made with its new owner. By the way, hop on over to Works in Progress... and have a look at Annie Rose, in New Zealand, in her new hat!!!!! She is adorable! The hat can take no credit for that!

Just for the record, Kylie, tried to refuse the hat, because of the way it would look and when I told her that I am making another one right away, she said ok and that she would not enter the next drawing, but only help me out by posting it. Very noble! Thanks Kylie!

She was none too thrilled about having this pic taken, so I might be in trouble, but what else is new!?!?

Gotta go find something "productive" to do while the kiddies are asleep!

I don't think I mentioned that today is my husband's birthday! We celebrated it all on FD, so there will be no party, but it IS his b-day just the same.

Enough rambling already!

Have a great day!


Snot Head said...

Ugh! In my gym clothes in the 100 degree weather! I look awesome! And that smile is such a goof ball smile! W/E!!

Marcia said...

It was FIXED! I'm tellin ya! ;) just kidding :)

HBT your husband!

Momma B said...

Nice try lady! I feel so bad that I have been working like a mad woman on the coolest new giveaway, so that I can right things!

Don't be mean to me!