Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Prayer Philosophy By YarnMomma!

Prayer gives us comfort and peace and our God hears our prayers. We, even myself, have to remember that it is God's timing not my timing.

God hears our Prayers, so please know that no matter what, when you are praying, calling out to God..he takes his arms and wraps them around you.

I swiped this from yarn momma over at My Crazy Life ( http://yarnmommas.blogspot.com )! I like what she had to say and I wanted to share it with you! It speaks volumes to me and I appreciate the point she is making here! I hope you do too!


Adventures of a mildly insane, ocd stricken, can never say "no" person said...

I do, I do!!

Snot Head said...

I know this well. Last night I was very frustrated with God, and we talked for awhile because I had prayed for three consecutive days to get rid of these hives because we can't afford the doctor. I've tried benadryl and hydrocortizone, and I even took an oatmeal bath! I kept being reminded that I can't just shoot out demands and expect immediate gratification. Its not that God isn't capable of that, but I have to understand that even in the case of my hives, God has a plan. God's plan in this case was something I was not ready to let go of, but today, my hives are going away! God is so good if we will just listen to him and do what he asks of us instead of kicking and screaming the whole way.

Momma B said...

Is it at all possible that these hives have nothing to do with soap at all and a little more to do with the transition in your life, currently?

Just a thought. Definitely goes along with His plan and you kicking and screaming, but not because you are not excited, more because you are leaving the security of one place for the uncertainty, albeit excitement, of another.