Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Funnies

We had the Friday Flower post, so how about a Friday Funnies post? Oh, why not?!?

After we dropped Z off for practice this morning, the other kids and I went to spend a minute talking to grandma and the we were off to the park. Before we made it out of grandma's parking lot, Ponch said, "oh, she has a Topsy Turvy?" Bucko quickly replied, "NO! She can't drive a car!"

I was ready to die laughing! Ponch thought her brother had lost her mind! And he could not figure out what was so funny!

Now, on to Boog. This is really not anything new, but I have never shared it before, in blog form. If Boog is doing something that she thinks is particularly interesting she always asks, "Do you wike it?" To this I reply, "Yes Boog, I like it." Then one day she started saying adding an extra question after hearing my reply.

"Do you wike it?" Boog asks.

"Yes Boog, I like it." I say.

"Do you wuv it?" Boog asks.

"Yes Boog, I love it!" (as I laugh to myself at the clever attempt she makes at conversation!) I say.


Snot Head said...

Hilarious! I had to share that with the work ladies. It's just so funny and so random. He's so strange sometimes.

Marcia said...

Love it!