Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ok, I Have Another Giveaway!

All of the pictures in this post are of the nifty little number that I came up with, out of guilt, because my sister won (completely fair and square, yet I still feel guilty) my last giveaway.

My intent is to get my Etsy store to be viewed more, so as to possibly get more sales. There is a tool bar right on this blog which leads to my Etsy store, if you would like to check it out!

Of course, both little girls wanted to help, so Meeeeema got to help me show the liner off! That went well, as you see here and will see in another pic below!

I should add that this crocheted hand bag is made out of cotton yarn. I chose brights, because it is SUMMER! It is lined with a very bright pink material that has all of the colors on the outside of the bag intermingled in it. The handles are crocheted cross ways, rather than long ways, so it will not stretch as far, making is stronger to hold the weight of the contents better. The liner is completely hand stitched and hand stitched into place. I just feel like hand work is stronger than machine work when it comes to something like this. Although, I am human and not perfect, by any means!And, Boog wanted to help me show the outside of the bag. Somehow, her part worked out just a little bit better than Meeeeema's!

Now for the Rules, which are as follows:

1. Post a blog with a pic of this hand bag and a short idea of what the giveaway is for and you will get one entry.

2. Each time one of your followers comes to my blog, posts, and says that they saw the post on your blog, you will get 2 entries.

3. If you follow my blog, or become a follower, and you post about this at all, you will get 2 more entries!

I think there are enough rules now, don't you?!

Since today is Thursday, June 25th, I make this contest one week long, just the same as the last one. I will draw, again with the help of another party, next Thursday at 4p.m.! I will announce the winner by 4p.m. the following day, but probably before, because I can't wait any longer than you can!

Good luck!

Have a great day!



Brenda said...

I will follow you babe. Very cute bag. I'm going to post about your giveaway right now.Good luck with your shop.

Snot Head said...

I will make a post about this soon. I won't be entering this time, though...sadly. This bag is awesome! It is BIG and it is BRIGHT! Do you have any idea how much I could carry in that thing? When do I ever keep things small?! haha

Anonymous said...

the hand bag is very cute saw it on marcia's blog!

Vada said...

A very cute bag! I saw it on my cousin Marcia's blog (