Friday, June 19, 2009

My Brother Had An Accident

My brother got into a wreck last night.

Mom was nowhere to be found.

My brother flipped his truck last night.

Mom was not around.

My brother could have died last night.

Mom would have been so stressed.

He did not see it coming.

She would have been so upset.

"Why didn't he slow down?" she'd ask.

"Why was he out at all?" she'd cry.

"Does he want to lose his life like me?" she'd plead.

"God please keep my son safe! He's only just a boy!" she'd scream into the deaf night sky.

"God, I miss him, but please don't let him die! she'd sigh from somewhere up there in the sky.

She had been there all along.

This is something I wrote after getting a call from my 16 year old brother this morning. He was calling from the ER, where he had been taken to be evaluated. He wrecked his truck. He thought a drive in the wee hours of the morning would be a wise idea. Insomnia new drivers do not mix!


Snot Head said...

Thank you for writing this. These were some of my exact thoughts.

Deb said...

Oh honey.. that's heartbreaking. Too much. I'm glad he's ok. Now I have to go and hug my kids xxx

Marcia said...

Hope he's doing well now. How very sad.