Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not The Same Old Supper!

This feast for the eyes was a feast for our stomachs just a few short minutes ago! And, it was awwwwesome! Fabulous and all the other words for oh so good! S made supper because I was in the garden pulling the overload of weeds, but he was sure to come outside a few different times to see what he needed to do next. It is a jar of salsa mixed with a can of fiesta corn, a can of black beans, a bar of cream cheese (low fat) and a pound of hamburger (sub. with turkey, if you want) and cheddar cheese. You start by lining the bottom of the pan with cream cheese. Next, you top with the corn, black beans, and salsa. Intermingle the cooked hamburger into the mix and top with cheddar cheese and it is ready to go into the over to warm up. Once the cheese has melted, it should be warmed through and it is ready to eat with tortilla chips! Another option would be on tortilla shells, if you like. Either way, it is fantastic and it is NOT the same old thing for supper! That might have been the best part of the whole meal--the unboringness of it all (yes, I make up words!)!

Have a great day!


Adventures of a mildly insane, ocd stricken, can never say "no" person said...

yummy, yummy!!

Snot Head said...

It is still taco-ey in some form! haha You are a crazy taco lover!

Marcia said...

it does look yummy! I like "unboringness" - good word.