Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Work In Progress for "Works In Progress"

Yes, I think I am clever! Sorry, I just could not help but title my post the way I did! I am making a hat for Annie Rose. We will have to see if she likes it! Oh, or maybe her mommy can decide for her! I guess I should finish it, but I could not resist the play on words!
Ok, now to explain, I am making a hat for a fellow blogger over at "Works In Progress." It is for 8 week old Annie Rose. I made one before, but it was a little smaller than what her momma was looking for, so I upsized it, rather, I made one that would fit! Anyway, that part that is so exciting to me is that "Works In Progress," which you can find on my list of blogs that I follow, is written out of Christchurch New Zealand! How cool is it to think one of my hats might make it all the way to New Zealand! We will have to wait suspensefully and see if her mommy likes the hat and if so, maybe I will be lucky enough to get a picture of her in it!


Snot Head said...

At least she liked the style. Is it killing you to make the same one over again? haha It is fantastic that your work could end up halfway across the world. I love how this blogging connects us with others!

Marcia said...

it's cute!

Sharyn said...

I am Deb's sister and I had to knit three hats for poor wee AR before I got the right size! First one too small even for a doll (doh!) second one fit a six month old, third time lucky! I love your hat, it's so cute and will so suit my favorite wee cutie.