Monday, June 1, 2009

I Sold My First Item On Etsy!

I did it!

I did it!

I did it!

I made my first sale on Etsy!!! I am so excited to have made my first sale.

There just might be a funny story that goes along with this and I just might share it.

Ok, you talked me into it!

I came home from a wonderful afternoon of taking photos of a friend of mine and her family. I quickly checked my Etsy and other sites that I regularly follow. When I looked at my site, I noticed that my top item was missing. I looked to see if I had accidentally deactivated it. Nope! Well then, where could it be? Right about then my sister pipes up and says, "Could it be in your sold items?" I was quick to retort! "No!" I said! I don't sell anything! I looked at the sold items and saw a 1 in the field! I could not believe my eyes! I did it! I did it! I did it! I had posted a picture of a dandelion early that morning and it was sold! It was a really cool pic though. I think I might put the pic of it up, now that I am going on and on about it!

Anyway, thanks for listening! I am still excited!


randi said...

Congrats to you! Isn't the first sale fun? Hang in there and be patient. I wish you many, many more sales!

Snot Head said...

I am still so excited for you. It gives me hope that if I keep working away on my stuff that I will eventually hit a lucky streak and sell something, too. God has been answering prayers for me like crazy, lately, mostly because I have actually been praying...ahem...Maybe I will pray for my store to take off. haha That would mean I would have to make more, though. lol

Deb said...

I just sent you a long email and then discovered it was a dreaded "No Reply" address!! Silly me. Anyway here I am just visiting your blog and I’m feeling the urge to spend money!! If I lie down will it go away....?
Those hats are amazing, I think Annie-Rose needs one!! Do they come in little tiny sizes?? In maybe red or aqua... just wondering!
Hey Momma B thanks for reading my blog and I love getting comments.
Deb xxx
Let me know about the hats, my credit card is itchy and luckily the NZ $ is coming up so won’t break the bank!!

Deb said...

Hi it's me again. Annie-Rose is 8 weeks old so tiny tiny. Sorry to keep commenting but I don't have your email. I promise I won't stalk you if you give it to me!! lol